Stripe API - Online Payment Systems for Website & Social Media Business Sales

Stripe API - Online Payment Systems for Website & Social Media Business Sales

Stripe is an API (application program interface) that web developers can use to integrate a payment processing system into their websites without the need to maintain and register a merchant account. This makes it quite easy and convenient for online sellers and buyers alike to do business, like sending payment and receiving payment online.

Further, one of the top benefit from using Stripe as an online payment systems is that you can reach a wide target market by selling your services or products directly within your market's favorite apps. For example, Stripes relay API permits its users to sell their services and products across an expanding network of popular media. And then your market can easily buy your services or goods via simple links, ads, in-app interface, social media posts, and even through tweets.

But, what about safety of Stripes as an online payment method? In order to ensure the buyer's safety Stripe has a 7-day waiting period before transaction payments are deposited into the seller's account. This will allow enough time for the buyer to start the transaction, receive the goods, and even file a dispute if item is not as described or was not received within the approved time frame.

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