Online Google Calendar App: Sync and Share

Online Google Calendar App: Sync and Share

Google calendar is both a mobile app and web application for time management developed by none other than--Google. In order to use the online Google calendar, the user must have a Google or G-mail account.

Here are the key features of Google calendar that makes this a wonderful time management app:

  • Easily customize the view mode whether you want the calendar in daily, weekly or monthly views.
  • Add events by typing standard English phrases. Modify events with a quick drag and drop of the mouse from one date to another without having to reload the page.
  • The Google Calendar app can be accessed from any type of device, whether a laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet so long as there is internet connection. Even when you experience a hard rive failure, data in your Google calendar is never lost.
  • You can sync calendar files from iCalendar and Microsoft Outlook. 
  • Sharing adn adding of multiple calendars is possible which makes it easy for members of a group to collaborate and share schedules while still maintaining various levels of permissions per member.
  • When sharing your Google Calendar, you can have it customized with a full-edit or read only control for specific people or for the public as a whole.
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