Google Drive: Google Cloud Storage and File Backup Freeware

Google Drive: Google Cloud Storage and File Backup Freeware

Why pay when you can get a file backup freeware via Google Drive? Discard the hassle of bringing and looking for USB flash drives when you can store your files via Google Cloud storage for free. Access Google drive wherever you may be located, whatever or whoever's computer you are currently using, and even via your smartphone and tablet. That's how ubiquitous and convenient Google Drive is.

What other features does Google Drive have?

  • Work Anywhere - Google Drive is not known as a Google Cloud Storage and File Backup Freeware for nothing. As mentioned above, you can access it anywhere, anytime with or without the internet, so long as you have saved the items in your device. But, if you need to access everything, then you need an internet connection.
  • File Uploading and sharing is possible - You can easily share files online with other people--realtime. For those who don't have a gmail account, they can still see the files as a guest.
  • Multiple Operating Systems - you can open and use google drive on an Android phone, Mac notebook, and a Windows PC without any issues.
  • Secure - and among the top considerations when using apps and freeware is its safety and security which you can control. You can easily tag a file as public or show it to certain people or accessible only to those who have links to the file.
  • 15GB of Google cloud storage for free!
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