Dropbox: Online Backup Service or Cloud Storage

Dropbox: Online Backup Service or Cloud Storage

Dropbox is an online backup service where basic applications are for free with options for upgrades with a corresponding subscription cost. With dropbox as a personal cloud storage, you can easily store and share your photos, videos, and documents--even if they have huge file sizes.

If you opt for Dropbox's free service, you get a 2GB free of storage. If you are goign to use dropbox with teams, then there's Dropbox for Teams with a 350GB of storage. All yu need to do is sign-up for dropbox and download the Dropbox application to your computer. You will then have a dropbox folder in your documents, through this you can just drag and drop files into and out of the dropbox folder. You can also create folders inside this Dropbox folder to organize all your files. 

Once all these files are saved to your fropbox folder, you can access it anywhere you may be without an internet. You would need an internet connection though, if you need to upload new files.

Folder sharing is also possible between several users by sending an invitation to the intended person through the Dropbox site. You can also generate a link for your file and provide this link for general users to check out the file.

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