Facebook Pages: Your Business' Public Profile

Facebook Pages: Your Business' Public Profile

A Facebook Page is a public profile created for or by a certain celebrity, organization, business, or brand who are looking to promote themselves publicly via social media. It works just like any personal Facebook, however instead of having friends, they have like buttons wherein people who like the page will see posts from that certain Facebook Page in their feed.

Facebook Page is a lucrative way for business to engage their customer base with videos, photos, events, links, promotions, and whatever updates they may have for their brand, products, or services. With your business' public profile you can easily create advertising strategies and promotions that will widen your reach.

Further, Facebook Page is not just a mere platform where your business can see and be seen. It also has useful business tools like post engagement, reach, and likes. Publishing tools include a summary of posts and its corresponding statsitics. You also have the capability to schedule posts.

Among other things, with a Facebook Page you can also display corporate logos, become a simple hub of information on your business, and so much more. Lastly, a Facebook Page is not just a one-sided thing, you customers can also leave reviews on your products and services as well as comment on your posts too.

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