RSS by Zapier: RSS Reader and RSS Feed List

RSS by Zapier: RSS Reader and RSS Feed List

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. Previously, RSS stood for RDF site summary but is also often referred to as Really Simple Syndication. An RSS document, also referred to as channel, web feed, or simply as feed can include summarized or full text, with author's name, publishing date, and metadata. A website with an RSS Zapier helps publishers or website owners to syndicate data automatically. So, when a user subscribes to a publisher's RSS feed list, it removes the need for the user to manually check the site for new content. Instead, it is their browser that monitors the site constantly while also informing the user of updates--this is how an RSS reader works.

So what lese can you do with an RSS zapier app?

  • The RSS zapier not just works on websites, you can connect it with hundreads of other apps that you use so you can automate your workflow tasks.
  • To make the use of RSS zapier easy, they have a zap. A zap is a connection between two applications that helps automate tasks that are time consuming. For example, with a click of a zap you can automatically tweet new blog posts, add new Facebook pages to an RSS feed or post new RSS items to a Facebook Page.
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