Typeform: Online Form Builder

Typeform: Online Form Builder

Typeform is an online software that helps you create versatile and awesome forms for personal or business use. You can customize, design, and create a wide range of online forms from online checkout, complex IQ test, questionnaires, surveys, to so much more. 

So what makes Typeform your ideal go-to software for creating online forms?

  • Stand out user experience - of course when you create forms you want the respondent to be engage with the question and answer. By delighting their senses you keep them engaged and focus as they progress from one question to the next. You can create online forms that make your respondent feel that they are just having a natural conversation.
  • Ease of Use - one of the drawbacks of many software and app is virtually their user-friendliness. With typeform online form builder this is not an issue. It is easy to navigate and understand. Plus it has key features that easily provide you with the necessary tools with just a click of a mouse. 
  • High Completion Rates - with online forms created through Typeform you have a higher rate of completion and of course this is one of your top goals when creating surveys and questionnaires.
  • Customizable forms - as a business your form should also uphold your brand values and match your company style to stand out from the crowd. Typeform helps you achieve this.
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