Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage - Wufoo

Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage - Wufoo

Wufoo is one of the few online form bilder that also incorporates a cloud storage database. So, here are several features of Wufoo that keeps it ahead of the competition.

  • It is fun and flexible to use - Wufoo is filled with so much fun and teeny details that keep you engaged and smiling while working on your forms.
  • Exporting Data - Wufoo believes that since it is your data, then you have as much right to it. Therefore, you can export the data you get from the online forms you made with Wufoo.
  • Collect attachments and files - This online form builder has a file upload field on their forms which allows your respondents to attach media, data, photos, and documents which you can then collect.
  • Smart captcha - of course you want to protect your forms from robots and spam--Wufoo already has all the necessary protection in place.
  • Over 300 Themes and Templates - the selection is quite huge to help you create online forms that standout and customize to your businesses' brand, profile and values.
  • Advanced analytics - aside from helping you collect information from your respondents, the Wufoo online form builder also contains form analytics that help you easily understand the data captured like submission times, error rates, conversion rates, and pageviews to name a few.
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