Github: Open Source Database & Software Builder

Github: Open Source Database & Software Builder

As one reviewer put it, Github is the Ancient Library of Alexandria of the modern times; wherein it is the world’s largest repository of open source software. Aside from providing installers with countless applications, Github is holds the source code for millions of projects. This means that virtually anybody can look into the coded applications of projects as well as follow the project’s development since Github archives past versions of the source code.

So, what can you gain from this software builder and open source database?

  • Autocompleter – instead of making use of hundreds of buttons, Github makes quick work of text entry with automated completer like when adding the perfect emoji, creating links to other issues, and even mention of teams and people.
  • Collaborative code review – since in the Github workflow code reviewing is a crucial part, living conversations known as Pull Requests begin around proposed changes in order to streamline the process of managing, reviewing, and discussing the changes to the code.
  • Field tested tools – no matter what project you embark on, GitHub is the largest host for codes on the planet which are open to both secure and private projects as well as public projects.
  • Integrated Issue tracking – of course, when working with codes issues normally arise. But with a flexible issue tracker it helps you to stay on top of bugs while focusing more on the features.
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