Hipchat: Your Group Chat and Private Chat Site

Hipchat: Your Group Chat and Private Chat Site

Hipchat is not just any normal group chat and private chat site. It is a web service for instant messaging and internal or private chat as well as group or topic chat. Aside from that it also features inline image viewing, searchable message history, video calling, and cloud-based file storage to name a few.

Here are more features of this group chat/private chat site:

  • Time Warp – move back through time and look for that certain conversation.
  • Persistent – even if you switch devices, you don’t lose conversations since HipChat syncs across web, mobile, and desktop apps.
  • Fully searchable – with HipChat, everything is saved forever and you can easily search files, links, texts, and others with a keyword.
  • Fully customizable – you can create a combination of mobile, SMS, email, and in-app push notifications to alert you of a missed message.
  • Unlimited chat rooms – you are not limited to the number of chat groups that you can make. You can create one for your lunchtime basketball league, clients, teams, projects, and so much more.
  • Drag and drop file sharing – no need to open several tabs, folders, or windows just to attach a file—just drag and drop. You can also show a preview of the file to concerned people in the chat room.
  • Also enjoy the benefits of easy screen sharing, secure guest access, and a secure conversation encryption.
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