Instagram: Social Networking, Video-Sharing & Photo-Sharing Service

Instagram: Social Networking, Video-Sharing & Photo-Sharing Service

Many of you may already have a social media account with Instagram for personal uses. But, did you know that Instagram can be harnessed for your business too? Yes, with powerful and moving photos and videos—you can create a stir on this social networking site.

Here are some unexpected benefits that you can reap from using Instagram for your business:

  • Connect with customers – it is a cheap, instantaneous and even effective way of garnering votes and ideas on your products. You can post a photo of a product and ask people what they think of it. Or maybe even post a sneak peek of an upcoming product to generate interest.
  • Learn what the public needs or likes – this is an especially useful tool for brick and mortar businesses. For example, restaurants many people take a photo of their and post it to Instagram along with the restaurant’s location. This creates instant publicity for your business.
  • Reach new audiences – one of the ways that people learn about new items, services, products, or brands is usually via Instagram; so don’t forget to take advantage of this low-priced strategy to shine the light on your business.
  • Build your businesses’ trust and personality via Instagram.
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