Zapier: Connect Apps & Web-app Automation Tool

Zapier: Connect Apps & Web-app Automation Tool

Zapier is an awesome app-automating tool. It contains a lot of webapps, most especially apps that are targeted on productivity like Google tasks, MS Exchange, Basecamp, etc. Zapier offers more than 111 services to create connections in between which are known as Zaps. So, how does Zapier work? Essentially you have two different apps, let’s take for example Gmail and dropbox, these two apps are completely different from one another, but with a zap (from Zapier) you can save Gmail attachments to Dropbox. Of course, you can only connect apps that are Zapier supported…

When you use Zapier and connect apps, all you need to do is follow three basic steps. First is to explore Zapier’s database of apps which is currently at 400+ and pick the apps that you use. And then choose the apps that you use all the time and connect these apps in order to move data easily between these two connected apps, this connection is now known as azap. And the last step is to automate the zap by using an event-based automation in order to prevent repetitive tasks or reminders.

The only drawback with Zapier is that you can only get 5 free integrations, wherein syncing is done every 5 hours. So, if you want faster syncing then you may want to check out their paid plans.

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