Pivotal Tracker: Agile Project Management Software

Pivotal Tracker: Agile Project Management Software

According to their website, with a PivotalTracker software you can plan and work seamlessly. From the top to bottom of your business—everybody shares one view with project management tools like PivotalTracker. Each member of your team can work on the fine print yet still not lose sight of the bigger picture.

With an agile project management software like this, you can reap the benefits of the following:

  • Workspaces – through workspaces, each member can move stories up and down to establish milestones and set priorities. This is where the team can focus on what needs to be done in order to manage the big picture.
  • Charts – this is one of the best project management tools for retrospection. Charts can show you historical burndowns and trends for anything that you might want to monitor. Through trendspotting you can assess patterns and bottlenecks and trigger a discussion.
  • Stories – these are small actionable components of a task and are the building block of each project. Stories are easy to create, share, discuss, and react to.
  • Epics – are stories organized together in order to build a bigger roadmap that the entire team can see. With just a glance, you can easily assess the real time progress of an epic.
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