Firebase: Cloud Services Provider and App Maker Software

Firebase: Cloud Services Provider and App Maker Software

Essentially, Firebase is a cloud services provider and backend as a service company for app maker and app creator alike. With Firebase, it helps app maker like you by providing static hosting, user authentication, data storage, and many other backend services so that as the app creator you can focus your energy on providing extraordinary user experiences.

Features of Firebase:

  • Real-time Database – with the Firebase database it automatically scales with your app, has first class security features, and most of all it continues to work even offline. It has a flexible security rules language that helps you control access and validation at a granular level.
  • Firebase Authentication – with just a few lines of code, Firebase easily authenticates its users from a wide variety of platform and app from JavaScript SDK, iOS, to Android.
  • Firebase Hosting – launch your web app in a matter of seconds with Firebase’s production grade static asset hosting. The software also takes care of providing your SSL certificate making each of your app served over a secure connection.
  • Build Extraordinary apps – since everything needed to launch and create your app is already solved by Firebase, all you need to do as an app creator is to build one.
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