Streak: CRM Inside Gmail

Streak: CRM Inside Gmail

Streak is a powerful customer relationship management tool that integrates with Gmail, thus it is also called as CRM inside Gmail or streak Gmail app. Here are the wonderful uses of the streak Gmail app.

CRM Flavors – This is simply the various customer relationship management uses of this app.

  • Real estate
  • Hiring – with permission, team members involved in the hiring process can read an applicant’s correspondence and other team members which make it easy to find resumes and hire the perfect person for the job.
  • Support
  • Fundraising
  • Deal flow
  • Product development – create a hub where you and team members can read all emails related to the project at hand while also storing documents, proposal requests, and mock-ups for the said project.
  • Sales – sell collaboratively, control access, custom views, evolve with your sales processes and so much more.

Email Power Tools – This is simply the added benefits for email purposes

  • Thread splitter – you can easily link in sales to your support channel as you communicate with a customer who wants to make a purchase while also having the capacity to separate the conversations.
  • Snippets
  • Send letter
  • Snooze
  • Mail merge – through mail merge you can easily send messages to a large number of people with a custom personal message.
  • View tracking
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