Yammer: Enterprise Social Network

Yammer: Enterprise Social Network

Yammer is a social network for business started as internal communication systems for a particular website, but it was launched as an independent product since 2008.  Yammer is an enterprise social network service available for businesses so that employees can have communication within organizations.  Accessing Yammer is determined by the user’s internet domain so that individuals with approved email addresses can join the network.

It is created for companies and organizations so that employees will not only have the chance to have better channels of communication, but they can also collaborate on files so that they can get the job done anytime and anywhere. Yammer also comes with a mobile app that allows its users to check their accounts using their mobile gadgets.

Just like other online social media platforms, this social network for business everyone within the company to share ideas and important company files. This social networking platform for business has high security thus only those who approved to join the network can share, send and see confidential company files.

The goal of this enterprise social network service is to speed up business processes, transactions within departments and also aid employees and the top management to arrive at better decisions wherever you may be.

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