Eventbrite: Discover and Create Events Online

Eventbrite: Discover and Create Events Online

Create events online with Eventbrite. It is a global marketplace that allows people to create and find events in 190 countries. This online platform allows you to discover events, but it is not only created for ordinary people but for the many event organizers all over the world. Event organizers can plan, promote and even sell their tickets. Eventbrite is also integrated to online social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook thus events posted in Eventbrite can also be published in major social networking sites.

It has developed two types of applications that are targeted to event organizers. The first app is called the Entry Manager which is available for both Android and iOS. This app allows event organizers to sell their event tickets.  The second application called At The Door allows the users to check the number of attendees, process credit cards on site and also buy tickets. This app comes with a bundled package of a ticket printer as well as a credit card swiper.

The thing is that you cannot only create events online with Eventbrite but it allows fast and easy transaction between the clients and event organizers. It serves as a one-stop shop to manage order, track the sales as well as check attendees so that event organizers can determine if their organized events are successful or not.

USD 0.99 ONCE published Online HTML5 Native Desktop


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