Email Parser by Zapier: Data Extraction from Emails

Email Parser by Zapier: Data Extraction from Emails

Analyzing texts from emails with a common  format is a challenging thing to do manually. However, getting an email parser app will allow you to parse texts from emails so that you can automatically reply to emails.  Moreover, this email parser app can also send new emails in Gmail accounts and lets you reply to customers on simple messages such as email inquiries, order confirmation and acknowledgment, and even welcome messages.

Using this app is very easy; all there is to it is to highlight the name that you want to extract for future emails. This enables the software to use the parsed emails to create automated replies to your clients. With this app, you can get in touch with a lot of people without typing or making the email messages yourself.

This particular app is triggered by a new email or mailbox. It automatically saves the contact information so that you can send emails, create drafts or even create labels. This allows you to create professional yet personalized emails for your clients. With the many uses of this app, you can send the necessary emails to other people with ease so that you can focus on other and more important things on running your email marketing.

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