SMS by Zapier: Free Built-in SMS Action for a Zap

SMS by Zapier: Free Built-in SMS Action for a Zap

SMS by Zapier is a short message service that provides a fun and useful way to get SMS notifications and phone calls. It is a free built-in service that allows you to send SMS or make phone calls up to 15 times every hour.

It can also integrate call loop with more than 250 web apps connected to Zapier so that you can send text messages and voice broadcasts to your contacts. This means that you do not need to make calls manually. All there is to it is to drag, drop, and start automating the mobile messaging app and you are good to go.

The best thing about SMS by Zapier is that you can send customized and personalized voice and text messages with just a few clicks so that you don’t sound impersonal to your clients and contacts. This means that you can add names and other details on your messages so that you can connect more to your contacts.

With SMS by Zapier, you can easily build a reliable customer SMS list. The app will automatically add clients to your list whenever they buy a product from your store so that they are sent VIP text messages immediately.

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