Email by Zapier: Zapier Email Marketing

Email by Zapier: Zapier Email Marketing

Email by Zapier is considered as a very powerful and flexible tool that allows users to send and receive emails to and from their clients. Zapier supports a lot of choices to its clients which includes low and high volume messages. This means that you can send messages like notifications for personal use via Zapier email; while you can use it for email marketing, bulk notifications, and drip campaigns for your clients.  With this app, you don’t need to use different accounts to send emails to your friends, family and clients.

Another great thing about Email by Zapier is that you can be connected to other apps like Trello, SurveyMonkey and Slack thus Zapier immediately saves email from your contacts.  Aside from sending emails, you can also add files to dropbox through email, send text messages by email, add RSS posts and get email notifications. The thing is that there are certainly many things that you can do with Email by Zapier.

Zapier email works with a trigger and it is activated to work when an email is forwarded to your customized address. You can also send customized email from your zapier mail to other people. With this app, it is easier for you to manage your SMS list and send messages to your contacts.

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