Feedly: News Aggregator App

Feedly: News Aggregator App

Feedly is a news aggregator app for mobile devices and web browsers. This app compiles all news feeds from different online sources from PDF files, web pages, and articles so that users can customize and share them to other Feedly users.

This feed reader app integrates into the web browser as an icon that redirects users to their Feedly pages. The browser extension of Feedly is very minimalistic, but you can customize the interface for it to meet your aesthetic preference.  It provides a lot of control to the user by allowing categorization of the articles, the number of likes, and also the references thus archiving the RSS posts is very easy. Another interesting feature of Feedly is that it can be shared  to other social networking sites which include Facebook, E-mail, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ as well as other services.

Feedly is also available for both Android and iOS devices and it runs on the same code for all types of devices thus making it easier for the developers to release new updates because they  are only working with one version. With this news aggregator app, it will allow you to read articles, snippets of web pages, and recommend posts to other users.

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