Rescuetime: Personal and Project Time Management Software

Rescuetime: Personal and Project Time Management Software

When managing your business, there are so many possibilities and distraction on your digital life that thoughts, ideas, and tasks can easily get scattered. With Rescuetime, you can easily focus your thoughts by understanding your daily habits to become more productive.

To give you an overview of how Rescuetime works, it securely runs in the background of your mobile devices and computer. To give you an accurate picture of your day, this project time management software tracks your time spent on websites and applications. And then, based on your activities it gives out detailed data and reports which you can use to stay on top of project tasks and have an effective time managing those things that matter most to your business and personal life.

So, here are more notable features of this effective project time management software:

  • Daily highlights – you can log details on activities you have done for the day to help you put context on your productivity.
  • Notifications – you can create alerts on virtually anything to help you manage your time effectively. You can set alerts especially if you find yourself spending too much time browsing irrelevant posts.
  • Block distracting sites – as we have mentioned earlier, there is just too much distraction online that eats up a lot of your hours. If you need help fighting these urge, you can simply block these distracting sites to help you focus on what needs to be done.
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