Pushbullet: Seamlessly Connect Your Devices

Pushbullet: Seamlessly Connect Your Devices

No matter what brand or Operating System your devices have, you can connect them with the use of the Pushbullet app. By connecting all your devices, you make them feel like one and make your computers, smartphone, and tablet more connected. For easy access and profile creation, you can just signup on Pushbullet using your Facebook or Google account.

What other features can you get from Pushbullet’s seamless connection of your devices?

  • Send files – between your devices, moving files and pictures just got a lot easier. The files can be automatically downloaded and opened right on the notifications.
  • Chat with friends – since Pushbullet works wonderfully on all of your devices, it makes it more convenient to chat and share with friends.
  • Send links – with Pushbullet, there is no need to email yourself a link just to access your other devices because links are instantly shared between your devices.
  • Follow interesting things – customize the relevant things you follow and be notified with any new developments like new free games, Google acquisitions, and so much more.
  • See your phone’s notifications – while working on your computer, you don’t have to miss a text or call ever again. Through Pushbullet, you can access your phone’s notifications remotely from phone calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, and more.
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