Geckoboard: KPI Dashboard Software

Geckoboard: KPI Dashboard Software

Key performance indicator dashboard software, Geckoboard can help you transform key performance data into something accessible and easily digestible information to keep your teams data-driven, motivated, and informed.

So, how does this performance dashboard software works? In three little steps, you can easily access that data into something accessible and easily understood information. First, select your KPIs that define your overall business objectives and are aligned with your current goals. Next step is connecting your data from services you are using and create an accessible and beautiful KPI dashboard with just a few clicks of your mouse. Then the last but not the least of all three steps is sharing your dashboard. Don’t be afraid to share your Geckoboards on screens around the office and begin conversations that are data-driven.

Aside from having that KPI dashboard, here are more benefits you get from using Geckoboards:

  • Monitor – with the Geckoboard, with just a glance you can see what doesn’t work, fix it, positively anticipate roadblocks, or even to simply celebrate achievements.
  • Unite – in real-time, Geckoboard can help surface your most crucial business data and help empower your team around common KPIs to achieve a culture that’s data-driven, productive, and smart. With a nicely designed KPI dashboard, you can bring focus to support, ops, marketing, and sales team.
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