Pocket: Offline Reading App

Pocket: Offline Reading App

Pocket is a very useful app for a variety of people. It is like a personal online library where you can archive articles, videos, and pictures to have for later. These articles and videos can be saved through the cloud and viewed later. It can even be read offline. The pocket minimalizes and declutters the articles for an easier read.  

With Pocket, you can create an offline reading list by saving a web page or article on the cloud. Pocket was previously known as Read It Later and was released initially in 2007. It can be used on a wide variety of platform from web browsers, Kobo, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X.

Pocket is different from using simple browser bookmarks because with Pocket you have a dedicated place for files and content that you would want to refer to time and time again. While there is also a place for transient links and content that you would only want to check once. This helps unclutter your trail of offline reading list.

Another great feature of Pocket is that if you are prone to temptation from all the constant barrage of brain candy while surfing online, you can decrease this temptation by quickly checking out content and saving it on Pocket’s offline reading app and just refer to it after you remove yourself from the internet.

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