Amazon S3: Content Storage Management Software

Amazon S3: Content Storage Management Software

Amazon S3 provides a highly scalable, durable, and a secure digital content storage for IT teams and developers. The S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service which is a web service interface that is simple and easy to use for retrieving and storing any amount of digital data from anywhere on the web. What’s also nice with this type of content management software is that you only pay for the specific amount of digital storage that you are using on a monthly basis.

The Amazon S3 presents several ranges of storage types for different usages namely: Amazon glacier for long-term archiving. Standard Infrequent Access for data that is long-lived however not accessed frequently. And the standard type which serves as a general purpose storage of data that is frequently accessed. With this storage management software, you can also configure lifecycle policies for your data which will automatically move your data to the most appropriate storage class once its lifecycle is completed without affecting your applications.

With Amazon S3, you reap the benefits of having a cost-effective digital content storage for a wide type of applications like big data analytics, disaster recovery, archiving and backup, content distribution, and cloud applications. Amazon S3 can be used by itself or integrated with other third party gateways or storage repositories.

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