Meetup: Find Your People Who Share Your Interest

Meetup: Find Your People Who Share Your Interest

Meetup is an online place where you can find people or groups of people who share your interests. Currently, Meetup boasts the world’s largest network of local groups which means that you will definitely find people who are like you locally. Meetup is not just for dating, but is also used for socialization and networking. This means that Meetup can be a great tool for your business to widen its market reach through joining groups that are oriented towards your goal. For example, you are a local flower shop owner and would like to increase people’s awareness or probably gain more customers. You can use Meetup to join groups that are oriented to plants. You can also create a Meetup group wherein you offer free lectures or tutorials on growing plants and the works. Or if not, if you have a certain hobby like hiking, join a Meetup group interested in hiking and from there build your network of connections and even mention in passing that you are a flower shop owner and maybe they can drop by your business if ever they need flowers for their wives or moms. It’s that simple and powerful Meetup is, not only are you growing your business, but also your network of friends and your pursuit of your happiness via your hobbies.

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