Toodledo: Online Productivity Tool

Toodledo: Online Productivity Tool

Toodledo is more than just a to-do list app. It is more of an all-around online productivity tool where you can track your habits, create structured outlines, make custom lists, and write long notes. When it comes to organizing, Toodledo can organize your schedule by making it easy for you to view tasks on a calendar, get reminders based on your current location, create repeating tasks, and make the most of your free time with the scheduler. This online productivity tool also helps organize your work by tracking time spent on a project, attaching files to your tasks, assign tasks to your team, and outline your projects. You can also organize your life with Toodledo too by using the popular GTD method, setting and tracking life goals, recording your ideas with the notes section, see what’s most important with the hotlist, and create and share lists with family and friends.

Happy with the features of Toodledo? Here’s more:

  • With reminders and alarms, never forget a task whether of priority or not.
  • With Toodledo online productivity tool, you can customize anything inside it by controlling the settings of how, when, and what type of data is displayed.
  • Easily share lists, outlines, and tasks with your team members.
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