Visual Studio Team Services: Software Development & App Builder for Developers

Visual Studio Team Services: Software Development & App Builder for Developers

Visual Studio is developed by Microsoft that provides source code management—whether via Git or Team Foundation Version Control—as well as release management, testing, lab management, automated builds project management (for both waterfall teams and agile software development), requirements management, and reporting capabilities.

The Visual Studio Team Services is a build server application built-in with the Team Foundation Server. With this software development tool, testers, developer specialties, and software architects can develop their app and software. So here are more features of this App builder for developers:

  • Performance testing of web sites, APIs, and Apps – you can ensure that your code can run and stay up via the cloud-based load testing. You can also simulate the scale of hundreds of thousands of users to generate tests from regions around the world.
  • Open and extensible integration – easily integrate your third-party service or custom tool by using open standards like REST APIs and OAuth 2.0.
  • Continuous integration to deploy, validate and build – with continuous integration you can catch quality issues early through builds that test and compile automatically your application after each code change.
  • Version control whether unlimited, private, or Git – you can collaborate and store codes with unlimited private repositories.
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