Notify my Android (NMA): Push Notification App Android

Notify my Android (NMA): Push Notification App Android

Notify my android, or NMA for short, is a great and reliable way that will help you remember important dates, events, and activities that you don’t want to miss. With this push notification app, you will never miss an event or forget an errand since NMA will remind you. No need to worry that you won’t see the notification in time if you are using a different device, because you are able to send your notification to more than one device, as long as the devices are connected to each other. Any information trusted with NMA will never be shared with outside parties. More features of Notify My Android:

  • With this push notification app android, you do not need to delete the push notifications since it is automatically deleted 15 days after it was created in the system. But you still have the manual option of deleting these push notifications by highlighting or selecting the notifications you want deleted and clicking the trash icon located within the Action Bar.
  • By using NMA’s public API, you have a set limit of 800 API calls from a given IP address for each hour. This may seem small to software developers, but you do need to remember that with a single call you can notify multiple AI keys, so that’s like multiplying your set limit with a variable number that depends on you.
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