MongoDB: Open Source Document Oriented Database Advantages

MongoDB: Open Source Document Oriented Database Advantages

MongoDB is a brand name for an online next generation database software. Mongo is a shortened name coming from humongous and is classified as a document oriented database with various advantages.

So, to better understand MongoDB here are its document oriented database advantages:

  • Capped collections – this next generation database software supports fixed size collections known as capped collections. Though it, it can maintain insertion order.
  • Aggregation – MapReduce can be employed for batch processing of aggregation and data operations.
  • File Storage – as a next generation database software, it uses a file system that takes advantage of data replication and load balancing features across multiple devices for file storage. In a multi-machine MongoDB system data can be disseminated and copied multiple times between machines transparently thereby creating effectively a fault tolerant and load balanced system.
  • Load balancing – This document database advantages are sharding which is a horizontal scaling. The client picks a shard key which determines how the data in a collection will be spread. The data is then divided into ranges, based on the shard key chosen, and spread over multiple shards.
  • Replication – This next generation database software provides high availability with replica sets. A replica set is comprised of two or more copies of the file.
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