Google Glass: Optical Head-Mounted Display

Google Glass: Optical Head-Mounted Display

One of the most popular trends today in the tech world is Google glass. This optical head-mounted display allows you to take pictures and upload them to your social networking sight without using your hands. The Google glass features a voice command that allows you to direct the Google Glass to do its tasks.

With this optical head-mounted display, it can also work as a task reminder that you can use to remind you of your flight schedule or other important tasks. It also allows you to see directions of different places that you want to go. Basically, the Google Glass features work just like those from smartphones.

Google Glass is also compatible with iPhone and other android phones thus it has the ability to read text messages and also send hands-free SMS responses. The hands-free features of Google Glass allow you to do more things at one time. 

The best thing about this optical head-mounted display is that it is still in its infancy stage thus more third-party apps are being developed for an enjoyable experience for its would-be users. This innovative pair of smart glasses is something that people should look forward to if they want to have better experience connecting to the world.

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