OnePageCRM: Online Sales CRM for Small Business

OnePageCRM: Online Sales CRM for Small Business

OnepageCRM is designed to drive sales thus it is primarily created to improve the pipeline management processes.  This sales CRM allows you to push your sales by making sure that you get follow ups and lead drives using sales tunnels.

Basically, this app works in a very simple manner and it allows you to track all personal interactions that are related to your business. On the other hand, this app allows full customization thus allowing important data to be captured easily by the CRM so you can analyze trends in your business easily.

This contact management app manages your contacts and sales so when you add new ones, this app automatically completes mundane tasks such as sending emails to answer client inquiries as well as send welcome emails.

Aside from managing your contacts, OnepageCRM also doubles as a pipeline management app that can help you manage your sales goals so that you can deal with your target as well as pipelines.

Lastly, this app sends morning email every day to remind you of the tasks that you need to do for the following day. With this particular app, you will be able to micromanage all of your customer relationship management strategies.

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