FogBugz: Integrated Web-Based Project Management System

FogBugz: Integrated Web-Based Project Management System

Fogbugz is a web-based project management system that is designed to simplify your tasks and keep track of the progress off your projects. This app focuses on your team and what needs to be done to improve their schedule. This app also allows you to capture tasks and answer customer inquiries.

As the name implies, this project tracking for teams can track different types of things online but more importantly, it can also track emails and bugs. It also offers a very powerful search engine that enables you to search completed contents of the customer correspondence. The thing is that the Fogbugz is a gentle and flexible app.

One of the most important features of FogBugz is the screenshot tool that allows you to capture bugs from your email, browser and event on FogBugz. It also comes with a notification that allows all users to become updated on the issues that your business is experiencing from.

With FogBugz, it is very easy for you to monitor all your projects. Currently, it touts as the complete web-based project management system that you can use to keep track of the development of the team. You can also use it to collaborate, track time and plan your projects easily and in one go.

USD 2.16 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native Desktop


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