Flowdock: Social Collaboration Tool

Flowdock: Social Collaboration Tool

Flowdock is a social collaboration tool that can be used on the web, in your mobile, or desktop. With this team collaboration app, you and your team members can work together across time zones, various teams, and tools while working on tasks that matter and becoming transparent.

So, here are more features of this awesome social collaboration tool:

  • You drill down on deploys, failed builds or wiki changes – you can do this by listing down your production launches and describe what was launched and simply talk about it. You can also do the same for customer support tickets, GitHub pull request and whatever else that matters to you.
  • Notify and be notified – Stay within reach and be updated while on the go. To make sure that a specific person notices your message, simply mention their @name. They can see and hear a push notification on their phone or on their desktop.
  • Talk about a tweet, pull request or issue – you can talk about anything under the sun that’s relevant to your line of work like a deploy notification, task, or support ticket. Or you can also begin chatting by opening up a team inbox.
  • Group chat – for your team, group chat replaces Google chats, Skype and IRC. With Flowdock, transcripts are forever stored.


USD 3 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native Desktop


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