Kanban Tool: Free Visual Project Management Software

Kanban Tool: Free Visual Project Management Software

Kanban Tool is a free visual project management software that aids teams to improve, analyze, visualize, and work more efficiently on business processes in line with the Kanban method. With this project management visual studio, you get a lot of perks like:

Time Tracking

Enjoy manageable time entries, detailed reports, and summaries, time reports by user, task, or project as well as effortless time tracking.

Online Documents

You can collaborate, share, and organize files in real-time like: linking to files on OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox; collaborate on real-time in Google Drive; and attach documents to tasks and upload them to your favorite cloud storage.

Visual Project Management

You can use online Kanban boards to share and collaborate on work to do, invite people and build project teams, and also organize your work into projects.

Insightful Analytics

Through this tool, you can measure cycle time using cumulative flow diagram, use breakdown charts to get a quick insight into project status, analyze workflow, predict job completion based on previous performance and so much more.

Online Kanban Boards

Track multiple projects on one board with the help of horizontal swimlanes; limit work in progress to prevent bottlenecks; optimize, control, and visualize your workflow and so much more.

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