Cognito Forms: Free Online Form Builder

Cognito Forms: Free Online Form Builder

If you want to create html forms and surveys, then Cognito Forms is the solution to your needs. However, if you are a company, more advanced features of this free online form builder is also available for a fee—starting as low as $10 per month. So when you create html forms and surveys thru Cognito Forms, here are the various features that you can enjoy.

Unlimited Forms and Fields

No matter what type of form you may need, with Cognito Forms you can make as many fields as you need and as many forms as you want in order to collect all the data you need.

Multi-Page Forms

You can get more responses to your long forms and complex surveys by using conditional pages, progress bars, and page breaks.

File Uploads

With this free online form builder, you can enjoy creating multiple files all at one time. You can set type limits and file size.

Entry Sharing

Even after your respondents have already submitted their entries, give them the option and capability of updating them.

Electronic Signatures

You can collect signatures and go paperless with each form you make and can be browsed through any type of device.

Data Encryption

Through Cognito Forms enabled data encryption you keep your data safe and secure and provide protection to sensitive information on key fields.

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