Autopilot: Marketing Automation App

Autopilot: Marketing Automation App

Need a marketing automation app along with email marketing automation tools, and then autopilot is here to rescue you. With a powerful marketing automation app like autopilot, you can easily automate a lot of your business processes. To better understand what you are getting with email marketing automation tools, then read further below.

  • Create journeys that will inspire your audience – with this marketing automation app’s intuitive drop and drag Journey canvas lets you send the right message through the right pathway at the right time. You can build workflow and process in Salesforce, send personalized messages, automate your marketing, and so much more.
  • Connect your apps with salesforce CRM – with this marketing automation app you can take advantage of autopilot’s built-in integrations with Twilio, Lob, Segment, InsideView, and salesforce CR and make unique and rich experiences.
  • Automate your customer’s journey – with Autopilot’s universal tracking code allows you to capture data and leads from any app, blog, and website without the need to rebuild content and landing pages.
  • Immediately start growing revenue and leads – Launch and improve your marketing based on real-time results. You can also have the chance of re-engaging the 75% of your contacts who aren’t buying today.
USD 5 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Desktop


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