SharpSpring: Marketing Automation Software

SharpSpring: Marketing Automation Software

Sharpspring integrates with 3rd party CMSs, CRMs, and can form builders in minutes. For the clients that need CRM, Sharpspring is the marketing automation software to go. This marketing automation software brings in low-cost and high-value results. Sharpspring was designed to automate any company’s marketing strategy. Marketing automation saves time and money. Sharpspring has three objectives. The first objective is to allow businesses to identify more qualified leads. The second is to allow companies to increase the conversion of the leads. And lastly, increase the resulting revenues. Some features of SharpSpring marketing automation software are:

  • SharpSpring can automatically send a fresh prospect that is relevant to the lead’s interest.
  • SharpSpring can also send notifications to salespeople reminding them to contact the lead
  • You can manage your clients all in one spot
  • Optimizing your resources through comprehensive reports to help you clone processes that work and do away with what does not work.
  • This marketing automation software helps you convert leads into sales by sending the right messages at the exact time with the help of a powerful behavioral based communication.
  • SharpSpring also offers an intuitive interface that puts everything in the right place. In order to begin using SharpSpring, all you need to know is the “New+” button.
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