TrackVia: Online Workflow Software

TrackVia: Online Workflow Software

TrackVia is an online workflow software that is a better alternative to spreadsheets and even complicated enterprise systems. This software allows you to manage, track as well as automate business processes with better efficiency, ease, and speed. This workflow software platform collects data and analyzes them in real time thus you are notified by emails or alerts in order to perform an immediate action.

The problem with managing data is that when your organization gets bigger, collecting them [data] from the operation, offices or field makes it difficult. What this workflow software platform does is that it allows you to collect the data faster, easier and accurately in different environments.

The integrated mobile and web solution provided by this software allows you to enter data from your desktop or using your mobile devices. You can also capture pictures or signatures and put geolocation information on them. Once the data is collected, they are sent to a centralized database so that all the workflow data are kept in one place.

If you are currently using an existing corporate system, the TrackVia has a built-in connection service as API so that you can integrate existing workflow or processes. This saves you time and effort configuring your data to fit the new workflow system.

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