Jabber: Free Instant Messaging Service Based on XMPP

Jabber: Free Instant Messaging Service Based on XMPP

Jabber is a free instant messaging service based on XMPP. It is used by millions of people every day to communicate with others.  It is an initiative in order to create an open-source instant messaging platform.  This free presence service based on XMPP works differently from other  instant messaging systems. It adds a suffix to the address after the @ sign thus it works similarly with an email client. Since Jabber works based on XMPP, it provides XML routing features that allow you to use your own XMPP service using the internet or local area network.

This software helps you communicate and collaborate with work colleagues, customers, and other clients  through instant messaging. With this software, you can reduce the delays in communication by providing real-time information to your colleagues. It can also improve team performance by expanding and promoting one-on-one conversations through chats, videos and web conferences.

This presence service based on XMPP also limits the costs of your business phone calls because those enrolled in the service can communicate through IM, video, IP telephony and web conferencing. With this software, you will be able to improve communication within your organization with the half the costs than relying on conventional communication options.

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