HelloSign: Legally Binding Electronic Signatures for Free

HelloSign: Legally Binding Electronic Signatures for Free

This free digital signing software that enables users to send, sign, saves, and fill out documents without wasting paper. HelloSign is an electronic signature tool that is cloud-based.  This software will get your documents signed fast. Electronic signatures are legal and valid in Canada, European Union, the UK, the United States, and many other places in the world. Some features of HelloSign include:

  • Anytime, with this free digital signing software, you are able to electronically sign any document (timesheets, NDAs, tax documents, bank forms, rental papers, and etc.)
  • You can sign documents from anywhere and anytime
  • Legally binding and secure electronic signatures can be collected
  • You can stay productive and organized even when you have a heavy workload by using HelloSign and the tools it provides
  • HelloSign makes it easy for you to create your signature. You can draw it using your mouse or touchpad, type it in and customize it with the fonts provided, and lastly, you can take a photo of your signature and just upload it to HelloSign
  • You can sign your documents yourself or request other people to sign it. You are able to request up to 20 people to sign it, either all at once or in order
  • When a document is completed, everyone who signed the document will get a copy delivered to their inbox
  • Maximum security - HelloSign uses SSL encryption to keep the information in your documents as safe, secure, and private as possible
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