Wistia: Video Hosting for Business

Wistia: Video Hosting for Business

Wistia helps businesses with video hosting. It helps businesses find ways to engage viewers and keep them interested. Wistia accomplishes this by making sure the final video produced by their customer shows relevant information presented in a unique and interesting way. Wistia supports their customers while also giving them insight and tips on how to improve videos. Most emails or tweets are answered by Wistia within a day. And they won’t stop helping until the problem is solved. Wistia also helps businesses with video sharing. Some features included are:

  • If you decide to cancel your monthly payment, there is no penalty for choosing to do so
  • You can use your Wistia account for more than one website
  • This video sharing software is rarely blocked by schools or offices because the content is labeled business and marketing unlike Youtube and Vimeo which are labeled “entertainment”
  • Video sharing is possible. You can integrate your videos from this video hosting software into your applications
  • Wistia shows you how good your video is doing by showing you a graph that shows how engaged your viewers are while watching your videos
  • Only serious prospective customers see your website unlike the people who watch videos in Youtube
  • If you use this video sharing software, there are no ads
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