Track Your Goals with Beeminder

Track Your Goals with Beeminder

Everyone has goals but not everyone is motivated to achieve them. Beeminder is a motivation app that you can help you track your goals. Whether your goal is to get fit or save more this year, this app can help you integrate with other services like Fitbit, for instance, if your goal is to get fit.  This app also has an automated reporting tool that allows you to keep track of your progress.

This particular motivation tool is good for everyone who finds it hard to keep up with their goals. Just about anyone can use Beeminder. What is interesting with Beeminder is that just like its name, it delivers reminder with a sting. As a general rule, you set a timeframe when you create a particular goal. Once you put your goal on Beeminder, the app will create a plan so that you can get to your goal little by little. If, in case, you fall behind, Beeminder will notify you by sending you an email. This is especially true if you become inactive in your other goal-tracking tools for a day. You can even set Beeminder to charge your credit card a certain amount of money if you do not stick to your plan. Now that is setting a reminder with a sting!

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