eXo Platform - Enterprise Social Collaboration

eXo Platform - Enterprise Social Collaboration

Enterprise Social Collaboration with eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an open source social collaboration solution for enterprises of all sizes. Particularly aimed at HR, IT, communication, marketing and other core business departments, its customers include CAIXA, Orange, HSBC, NATO, Red Hat, UCLA and Johns Hopkins University. exo Platform is an ideal choice for organisations wishing to bring their existing information system up-to-date with a secure, robust and extensible social layer.

The main aim of eXo platform is to promote better teamwork and a strong collaborative culture within organisations. It does so by offering a full-featured out-of-the-box social intranet solution including wikis, forums, calendars, portals, document management and collaborative FAQ applications. These tools can be used to build and share a company knowledge base and are fully integrated around a framework of activity streams, social networking and workspaces. Users can switch between tools quickly in a single workspace and connect with other users instantly via the real-time collaboration capabilities like chat and video calls. This enhances the exchange of information between co-workers and teams and enables them to complete projects and tasks more efficiently, maximising productivity.

Furhtermore, eXo Platform serves as more than just a highly capable social intranet application. One of its greatest benefits is its flexibility and extensibility – the platform is designed to grow with and adapt to your business and can be customized using APIs, plugins, extensions and a built-in IDE. The open source nature of the platform means there is no vendor lock-in, while the makers are committed to maintaining open standards and utilising the best of open source technology.

eXo Platform can be installed on your company premises and is also available securely on the cloud through eXo Cloud, which provides social intranet as an instantly accessible, highly available service.

Pricing: Cloud edition starting at $3/user/month // Enterprise (on-premise) edition starting at $1,200/year (free trial available for Enterprise edition)

USD 3 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native

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wetcom says...
EXO platform provides a lot of great features centered about collaboration and content with social capabilities. It makes team work much more efficient. This app is mandatory for us. With all of the collaboration features and easy to install and configure. EXO platform provides lot of features like events and meetings with reminder functionality, sharing information and sharing of documents.
27th May 2015 3:49pm
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