Liquid Planner: Online Management Software

Liquid Planner: Online Management Software

There are uncertainties involved in doing projects and the problem with uncertainties is that once it happens, it is difficult to keep track of your progress and the new completion dates. Thus, it is important to use a software that can help you manage your tasks.

LiquidPlanner is an online management software that allows you to create schedules automatically based on your project priorities. This tool also predicts the likely completion dates of your pending projects. With this project management tool, you can prioritize work for your team to get a realistic picture on when things will get done. This will also allow you to see which work needs to be prioritized.

This online management software offers flexible structures that allow you to organize as well as prioritize your IT-related tasks in one single view so you can easily see which ones you need to work on the most. This software allows you to do high-level and long-range planning. Aside from managing your tasks, this tool also allows you to analyze your portfolio based on its costs and profits.

This too ensures that everyone in your team has the right amount of task. The cutting-edge technology incorporates the workload of your team members so overbooking team members are just the thing of the past.

USD 29 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native Desktop


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