An Ad-Free Online Social Networking Service An Ad-Free Online Social Networking Service is an online social networking service that allows you do a lot of stuff in one connected network. It also works as a microblogging service that provides infrastructures to help developers create social applications.  It provides a web interface to different applications like Alpha. With this app, you can share links, photos and videos as well as store and share documents, write status updates, and create a public or private conversation with friends. However, unlike the other social networking sites that are popular today, keeps your data secure thus users have control over how their data are stored, shared and even monetized.

You can create an account at and use it to access different social apps and integrate it with Thus, instead of communicating with friends using group messaging apps, sharing pictures with file storage apps or tell stories with microblogging services; you can use a singular app to do everything.

Perhaps what makes far better than other social networking apps is that it has data-storage capabilities so you can keep everything that you need in one platform. Moreover, this microblogging service allows you to have control over your social media content without the negative effects of ad-supported business models which are so common on other social networking sites

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