TPNI Engage: Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing System

TPNI Engage: Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing System

The TPNI Engage is your all-in-one marketing solution that boasts of an integrated multi-channel marketing system that covers sales, follow up, and lead capture. To help you understand what you are getting with TPNI Engage, get to know the characteristics of this marketing platform.

  • Login Profiles – The login process is consolidated by login profiles that make it easy to build profiles for a lot of various users with a click of a button. All you need to do is to link any of your current social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to engage. Do it just once.
  • Socialcasting – Across various social media networks, construct your audience by circulating your content. This content can be audio, videos, or podcast episodes. You are reusing and repurposing all your content whiles also re-circulating it everywhere.
  • Podcasting – A great way to reach your audience in their spare time is to create messages in a podcast. You can reach your target while they test, on a run, or in their car—and you will be the sole voice they are attuned to. Podcasting is a personal collection at its finest.
  • Videocasting – You are leveraging the entire internet to broadcast your content to the connected world for free when you publish a videocast. This videocast can then be changed into various formats like PDFs, books, or audio. Just by creating one video, you are reaching millions.
USD 199 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Desktop


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