Sniply: Social Media Conversion and Social Sharing Tool

Sniply: Social Media Conversion and Social Sharing Tool

Sniply is the future of content marketing by using content curation to drive targeted traffic to your website. Basically with Sniply, what happens is that when you share any article from an influencer in your industry, you share the sniply link which allows you to place a call to action on the content that directs the reader to the desired landing page in your site—social media conversion at its best! Here are more features of this social sharing tool:

  • Personalize and Customize Every Link – you can setup a custom domain to create branded short links; personalize your call to actions by utilizing your own brand of colors; and you can pick from a wide array of themes to match the personality of your brand—be it from casual to professional there is a theme at Sniply that’s perfect for you.
  • Do more with the links you share – with every link you share you can include retargeting pixels and create personalize audience for remarketing campaigns; use this content sharing software’s A/B testing tools to experiment with different call to actions and optimize for higher conversion rates; and aside from conversion and clicks, you can also keep track of on-page data like time spent on page and bounce rates.
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