Google Keep - Mobile Note Taking

Google Keep - Mobile Note Taking

Note Taking with Google Keep

Available as a web application and a mobile app for Android, Google Keep is Google’s colourful, easy-to-use offering for making notes online. Offering support for text notes, photo notes, checklists and voice notes (voice only available on mobile), Keep is a web-based note taking app that syncs to Google Drive, allowing users to quickly save notes in any of the supported formats and access them later from any of their mobile end devices.

Google Keep was designed as a “bare bones” way of making notes and lists. Thus, while it doesn’t have the sleek design and extensive functionality of programs like Evernote, it has the characteristic pared-down, no-fuss feel that millions of users have come to appreciate in Google applications. Keep is ideally suited for simple, fast note-taking on the go (to begin taking a note, you simply touch the text box in the Keep window and start typing). Keep’s minimalistic approach also means that the app runs fast, even on older devices. A well-functioning Chrome app and web interface mean that Keep works just as efficiently on the desktop as on mobile devices, enabling users to move seamlessly from mobile to desktop use and back again.

Keep note taking software allows users to colour code and labels to notes, making it easy to differentiate between office- and home-related tasks. Keep also allows notes to be shared with friends and family and collaborated on in real time. It offers location-based reminders (such as the automatic pulling up of a grocery list when you arrive at the supermarket) and the opportunity to archive old checklists and photos instead of deleting them – they’re easy to search for if you ever need them again. Finally, Keep offers a well-functioning home screen widget for accessing your notes and adding new notes quickly without opening the app.

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Floyd L says...
Love this app, very helpful to remember tasks. I also prefer to use this app because it is easily synchronizable with Google chrome. Most practical , simple and effective app, better than a lot of task apps. This app also provides gentle reminders that you can set for time or any location.
24th May 2015 10:12pm
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